Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My Summer

MY SUMMER 2015 Marie Guillot
An ordinary summer morning in East Cork, Ireland

Spontaneous awakening, no alarm clock.
Stretching arms and legs in opposite directions for a few minutes.
Getting downstairs, after putting on slacks and shirt, possibly a jacket too.
Preparing breakfast on a tray, with real coffee, bread and jam.

Stepping outside, in a grassy corner of the backyard.
Getting warmed up by the morning sun, or else sheltering in the wood shed.
Sitting on the garden chair, with appropriate cushions, tray on the table.
Settling for that first (and best) meal of a summer day.

Welcoming Picnic, the tabby cat, alerted by the kitchen business.
Welcoming also Pioupiou, the tame jackdaw, expecting her first brioche bite.
Finally, welcoming Couscous, the elderly black cat, slow but still watchful 
as she spits at her younger sister by way of greeting her.

The feast may start.
Each of the four females is doing her share in this micro-family happening.
Did I write above "An ordinary summer morning…"?
Sorry, my mistake!
It should read "An ideal summer morning..."

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