Tuesday, September 1, 2015


By Aidan O'Shea.      ©2015

In the later days of August brambles are on the march.
They have climbed unseen through flowering shrubs
Grasping their way with backwards pointing spines
Until canes appear and arch towards the south.

Cane tips touch the ground, rootlets nudge the soil
And next spring's growth is asexually established.
By the way, the bramble being a rose, surnamed Rosaceae
Can also entertain sexual thoughts of flower and fruit.

This it coyly does every second season of bees and birds
Who dip for pollen or peck the soft blackberry
Close cousin of the cherry, almond and the pear
It calls us to forage in September country lanes.

Let's gather up our stock of empty jars and lids
Five plastic tubs to store the jammy harvest.
Wear Jeans and long sleeved shirts and rubber gloves
And don't forget the flask, the milk and sandwiches.

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