Saturday, March 21, 2015

Un Seul Sourire (Empty Boat)

by  Madelaine Nerson Mac Namara   © 2014

In memory of my beloved parents, 
Pierre and Eileen Nerson, 
and my brother, Paul.

I wish I had
only one smile
the same for all
a grinning soul.

I wish I dared
entrust my face
to the mirror
of razor stares.

I wish I danced
on playful snow
chanced on the tracks
of your singing.

I wish I dreamt
both night and day
heirloomed the light
of milling lives.

I wish I were
that empty boat
wise Chuang-Tzu
advised adrift.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Our Lady of the Circus

 Ms God Almighty
© 2014  Madelaine Nerson Mac Namara

Are you not the tightrope
the see-saw umbrella
the wavering pendulum
of the dance of my arms?
Are we not each other's
first step, last call?

You are beat of the blood
in my ears, in the hearts
of watchers crying out
in fear, in hope, uncertain
of my fall, of your own
of their safe return home.

You are fine silk ribbon
gathering wild curls
you are net holding tight
stray strands round my head
you are net and hammock
and the swing of my life.

I walk among whispers
stop and start silences
mighty, mean, miserable
mysterious meanings mime
you uproar arrivals
interpret clapping hands.