Saturday, January 24, 2015

Soldats d’Autrefois The Footsteps of Soldiers

Soldats d'Autrefois                      © 2014 Madelaine Nerson Mac Namara

Les canons, les semelles
des soldats d'autrefois
ont usé les galets.
De la mousse ou de l'herbe
qui gagnera la bataille
à l'ombre et au soleil ?

The Footsteps of Soldiers

Do the stones remember
the rolling gun-carriage
the footsteps of soldiers?
Under shade and sunshine
which will win the battle
between grass and moss?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Indian Summer

 Indian summer  by Sara O'Mahony ©2014

It dawned on me today
Leaves are like skin
They insulate and propagate 
The soft ground 
They happen to fall upon.

Water has a surface like skin
To see the sea in the harbour today
Ripples in circles of miniature mandalas
It was a dreamy dewy balmy day in the last remnants of our summer.

Nature speaks to us here
Angles of man-made structures too
Speak of the linearity of logic
Forces of straight lines achieve similar heights.

Beauty, the wonder of a tree
Stretches and grows
Up, up towards the sunlight and moon
Seems to be saying, 'I trust nature'.

Connections made today too,
Dry lands of the Caribbean
 Listening to travels to the Isles
Sounds of gorges and water
 Rush to the sea there.