Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sexual Encounters

© 2015 Marie Guillot

Sexual, as a technical term, meaning 'the organs of sex and their functions' (Webster's Dictionary).

I was lying there, a bare body, half-covered with a light blanket; the top half. Standing in a semi-circle around me was a number of young adults, boys and girls, all smiling, broadly; among them, a man, a serious one.

"Look here," he said, "you can clearly see the 5 Francs coin." 
They all could, judging by their nodding in unison. I was not really uncomfortable, rather curious, you could even say inquisitive. In the quarter of century that had been my life, I had never found myself under such exposure. 

A light spasm shook me and the observers showed a renewed interest. The man encouraged them to take turns and get a closer look at the aperture, still the size of a '5 Francs coin'. So they did, keeping smiling all the time, obviously fascinated by the 'live' exhibition.

After listening to the details of the upcoming phases, my audience left the room, all at once, quietly. The doctor stayed behind and said to me:
"Thank you very much, Mrs G. It was very kind of you to accept the visit of my medical students. Not so many patients would agree with that; especially for a first child." 
A long twelve hours later, the mini-human appeared, noisily.

Looking back, I realise that this episode was the major event of my life. The outcome is now 40 years old, father of a new baby in his turn, thus bringing back reminiscences. It was there and then, in that hospital, that the door was shut forever on my 'innocence'.

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