Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Tourist Detector

Tourist Detector

© 2011 by Evin O'Keeffe

When I first moved to Ireland, I was intimidated by moving to a European city. Sure, Washington DC, Philadelphia, and San Francisco are cosmopolitan metropolises, but this was Europe! I mean, the flip-flops and jeans I regularly wore in California may not cut it here. The very first week, I went out to dinner with a group and the first of many cultural truths revealed itself to me – It's more important to be wearing cute shoes than to have perfect hair.
I was caught staring at a woman with hair that is best described as windswept, but fabulously meticulously cared for peep-toe sling-backs. I asked her if my just- discovered 'truth' was in fact accurate and she confirmed it with a jovial chuckle, "Yes, that's how we tell the Americans since they never have hair in place and wear comfortable footwear."

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