Monday, August 4, 2014

Mega Star

 by Sara O'Mahony © 2014  

This is a person, riding high,
High up on this machine over the sky,
Carrying a case strapped around his shoulder,
Passengers jump on.

They're beckoned to be seated,
Kindly, carefully and collectedly,
You come along to each in turn,
'The fare please', 
Its handed over with a smile and a nod.

I smile …this dark haired man,
With soft wavy shiny hair to shoulders,
Resembles Joey from Def Lepoard,
Or Mick from 'The Stones',
'Give him a guitar and not the cash register '.
We drive on up over the crest of the rolling hills in the city. 

We're in an expedition I sense,
'All aboard now' as we whiz along.
It's a double decker,
Passengers all seated happily,
Gazing at the' roller- rocker',
And driver engaged in stilted conversation.

The button is pressed; 'bing' and we stop.
Off we go again on to the 'big street' '.
And mostly all alight,
I smile and he smiles back,
 I shake my head in disbelief,
A bus conductor makes such a difference.

Along comes another fan,
We chat, "It's the experience on board that makes the journey so enriching",
All to see this 'mega star', so rare now.

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