Saturday, July 26, 2014

Found Object

by AIDAN O'SHEA. © 07/11/2013

It is almost six years since you left this life.
I took a methodical approach with your things.
In the first month, clothes in black bags to charity shops, 
At Christmas, jewellery given to family members.

Your books, however, remained in place.
Counselling, Psychology, books to find the inner self.
I might have need of them in time to come.
I kept your watches wound to mark that time.

Within a year, I thought that I had grief corralled,
Being solitary, single, and a reasonable cook.
Company here, study there, words on a page.
Words to read, words to write, living for the day.

Last month, while tidying my wardrobe,
I found your fleece-lined waistcoat in dark green
There among my jackets. I slipped the waistcoat on. 
A perfect fit! It holds my heart in place.

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