Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Exchange of Special Needs

by Sarah O'Mahony   © 2013

Different abilities – exchanging abilities

Day 1

I appeared, you waved,
You invited me in.

I stood, I watched,
I waited with anticipation, 
Eager, hesitant, humble.

You turned, said 'come in',
'Sit down' and 'start'.

We worked eagerly and in delight
Swept up by the action, movement and art,
Choosing faces, colours.

I was shown 'a new way to be'.
Our parchment grew, we added and admired,
Both armed with spoons and acetone.
It was a collaborative, sharing, 
Giving and taking exchange.

Day 2

Angela was 'ok' and in the 'groove',
This time Ailbhe asked,
Her cardboard stool to be designed,
With black and white etchings of characters adapted and laminated,

I cut, you chose the look,
Pasted and picked designs,
We both pasted, then stood back,
Consumed and work admired,
Inspiring and intriguing,
Aztec printing, I'd call it

Frank was in the background,
A large portrait, 
Up close little pieces, 
Like patchwork quilting very well done,

Our parting was a 'pass the pulse',
And a goodbye, 'come and visit',
A Huge yellow vibrant hug from Angela,

Sarah O'Mahony ©2013

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