Monday, September 12, 2011

The Girl We Met by Victor Sullivan

© 2011
My wife and I were on holiday in West Cork, Ireland and it was around lunch-time when we stopped the car and picked up an American hitch-hiker. Her holiday was almost over, her money was spent and she was due to fly home to New York from Shannon Airport on the following day. We let her out in the village of Eyeries as she wished to photograph the colorful buildings as all the tourists do. We drove the two miles to our holiday chalet in Urhan.  

The first radio reports were coming in...  an aircraft had flown into one of New York's Twin Towers...  Then another one... America was under attack! All aircraft were grounded. 

As the enormity of the disaster became clearer the plight of our hitch-hiking American dawned on us and we drove back to Eyeries in search of that girl... but we failed to find her. 


  1. Not the first story I've heard like this but a lot closer to son was to fly out that morning but due to work related issues did not take one of the fated flights back to Los Angeles. a very thankful mother xoxo darlene

  2. Thanks Darlene. There must have been many similar stories from that terrible day. Victor